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How to create SEO-friendly content?

Be it any company or any brand, content is the main key to attracting more new customers and growing engagement. Marketing campaigns would be of no use if you underestimate the power of content.

To have high conversion rates it is important to add value to the words you share on your page or website. But to make your content top-notch, a little mix of SEO is required.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way to write your content in such a way that it helps your website or page to rank higher on search engines.

When you add SEO-friendly words to your article or text then it helps the search engine to understand that your website is the place from where it can provide the most valuable content to the user.

Some of the ways to make your content SEO friendly are:

Use keywords from the beginning

Before writing your content, sit down to write a list of keywords that you want to add to your content.

It will help you to use those SEO keywords while writing itself, as adding them after the whole content has been written would be a difficult task altogether. So make sure to incorporate the essential keywords into your content while writing.

There are a lot of free online tools available which can help you to find out the list of SEO keywords for the type of content you wish to write.

However, if you yourself want to figure them out then it will require a sufficient amount of research before coming up with useful words and phrases.

Also do not stuff up all the keywords in one place, try to use them in different places to give your content an organic look.

Headlines and Subheadings

The headlines and subheadings used on a page serve the most important purpose. They not only the content look organized but also give the user a brief idea about the whole page.

While writing a heading or a subheading, make sure to write it in a catchy way, because if the user doesn’t find the headline catchy then he/she might not even read the content.

Use easy-to-read subheadings, as the attention span of the reader, is short, try to skim the subheading in simple words.

You can place the important SEO keywords in the headings and subheadings themselves, they are easy to notice by both the readers and the search engine.

Optimise visual content

Many people think that content could be made SEO friendly only through text, but it is not true.

We have achieved amazing results by adding good images and videos too. All you have to do here is to put those visual content into headings and in the form of ‘alt’ tags.

It only makes your content noticeable, but interesting at the same time. And people are more likely to share visual content also.

While you optimize your website for images and videos for SEO, make sure about the size and quality of the visual you add.

Heavy visual files usually slow down the loading of the webpage which might be annoying for a majority of users.

Internal and External links

The number and quality of external and internal links used on a page matter a lot as the search engines look at them very closely to provide the user with the right content.

For both your new and old posts make sure to add quality links.

This interconnection of links is highly valuable for readers as it helps them to redirect to other pages which might have the necessary information.

Ensure here to add links that are from reputable pages and provide value to the reader. It will become counterproductive if you add low-quality links, and this will lead to low engagement on your website because the readers won’t prefer to come back to your page again.

Keep it fresh and simple

If you want visitors to visit your website or page more often, then it is important to provide them with fresh content too.

Always try to keep your website updated with new trends. Keep creating more content that is valuable and interesting to read at the same time.

And if your website is one that mainly focuses on textual content, then try to keep it simple.

Using good vocabulary and phrases is a good option, but if the audience is not able to understand it then it will be of no use.

It has been found that the majority of the users quit the content as soon as they find it difficult to understand.

So keep your content up to date, easy to read, and simple enough to understand on the first read itself.

If you wish to drive more audience to your website, then it is very important to create an SEO-friendly website. Before creating SEO-friendly content, it is important to understand the audience you are targeting.

And as SEO is a bit slow process so make sure to spend enough time to plan your SEO strategy.

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