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How to grow your business on Instagram?

In today’s era, Instagram is nothing less than a goldmine of opportunities to grow your business.

Unlike other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram has witnessed an exponential increase in its user base and engagement rates. And the best part about the users is that 95% of them follow at least two business accounts.

So if you too want to grow your business to a wider audience, then Instagram is the right choice to move forward with.

But you also need to make sure that you follow the tips and tricks given below carefully as there exist more than 500 million businesses currently on the same platform. And everyone is fighting for a spotlight, so to stand apart from others, it is essential to do careful research and move forward to grow your business.

Get rid of ghost followers

Having ghost followers or bots on your account is never recommended. It never has been a healthy choice to grow your Instagram page. They might seem to look good at first sight as they interact with your content, but in reality, they are absolute killers for your business.

Your aim should be to have a good number of followers with accounts that really exist and moreover are actually interested in your business. There are many online tools that can help you find a ghost or fake followers and remove them easily.

Find influencers to promote your business

Today the word of a social media influencer matters a lot. Whatever they say on social media about a product or a service has the power to impact the offline world.

Many people follow social media influencers and very keenly pay attention to the products they promote and the advice or opinions they give with respect to it.

So you can accordingly find an influencer who has a following similar to your target audience and ask them to promote your business.

Make a plan for your Instagram

If you want people to follow your Instagram account, then you have to post content on it on a regular basis.

To keep the current followers engaged, and gain more new followers, it is important to create content that is useful and engaging at the same time.

And for this, you need to build a plan for your content beforehand and schedule. It’s okay to keep experimenting with different types of content as it will help you decide the better ones.

Tag and post along with local content

To get user engagement on Instagram it is important for you to stay active on it. You need to stay active with the local influencers and other competitive brands.

Try to join discussion groups that are related to your business nice, leave comments there, and interact with the audience present there. It will contribute to your brand awareness by drawing the attention of your target community by regularly interacting with them.

Narrow your target audience

As we talk about the Instagram page for a business, it is necessary to know about the target audience too. If you know about the target audience’s location, neighbourhood or city, or even street, you can target them accordingly.

For this, there are several online tools available that can help you find the right audience that might be specifically interested in your business. Instagram also provides this feature to search people by their location and interact with them.

Utilise geotags and hashtags properly

To optimize your specific target audience and their locality on Instagram make sure that you are using Geotags and hashtags properly.

For example, if you are a cosmetic brand that is targeting teenagers for locality ‘London’.

So you need to use the Geotag of ‘London’ and hashtags like ‘#cosmetic’, ‘#cosmeticinlondon’, ‘#cosmeticforteenagers’, etc. The hashtags and geotags act as search engines for your page and help narrow it down to a specific audience.

Use Instagram ads feature

Instagram ads could be used to promote your business not only in your locality but worldwide anywhere where you wish to provide your services or products.

But to improve your paid ads, it is important to know about the buyer personas so that you create a budget specific to them and run marketing campaigns based on it.

And don’t hesitate to try away various types of ad campaigns, because you never know which might work for you the best.

The mentioned tips have been tried and tested before, therefore you can directly use them to boost your Instagram business.

All the points have been written above considering the fact that you don’t need to do high investments and still get good returns in the end.

If one follows the tips well, the marketing through Instagram can produce quality leads, loyal customers, and a great number of followers for your brand.

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