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Web Designing and Content Marketing

With each day, the importance of a strong digital presence is increasing exponentially. Be it any brand providing services or launching innovative products or promoting and selling mainstream commodities, every one of these needs to find a way to connect their target audience in the most efficient way possible. And this is where the perfect amalgamation of Website design and content marketing comes into the picture! If both of these factors are balanced in a way they should, then you surely are on the right path. So, here we have broken down the best practices to achieve this much-needed balance. Go through it and let us know if you all agree with it or not!

1. Accessibility

Quick, Easy, and impactful is what content needs to be for it to get captured by the audience without wasting their time or giving them a chance to get distracted. It’s a matter of 2.6 seconds and the user knows whether the content is useful for them or not cause that’s the time it takes for users' eyes to catch the websites’ part that they find either interesting or useful. No one wants to go through multiple pages and loads of information, everyone wants to reach there and reach there fast! If your website offers this, then users will be implied to visit and stay at your website for sure! And that’s why burger menus, drop-down menus, and search bars are so much in use lately as they allow you to reach the part of the content or page in a single click. To increase ease of navigation, a site map can also be incorporated into the website that will help users to find what they are searching for without much struggle.

2. Add Value:

What makes people stay loyal to any website is the value addition that it does in their life. As there is a plethora of content out there, people have become very choosy about where they want to spend their time. And in this race, the website that is most informative wins. This makes it clear that any brand that wants to do better than the competition needs to work on bringing the most valuable and useful to their visitors and it won’t be enough to just talk about their own product. Everyone needs to understand that how important it is to offer much more than just a service or the product to their consumers and information-rich content plays a vital role here. So, as a way to maintain a balance between product promotion and giving out valuable content to the user, one can create content that shows how the product or service solves specific problems faced by the users.

3. Readability Matters:

You have prepared an amazing design, your content is on point but it’s readability factor is really low then you will not yield the result that you are hoping to get from your website. Attractive design, beautiful placement of content will definitely allure the users to come to the website but what will make them stay and eventually take the action desired by you is the ease of reading your website offers. To achieve this goal the text has to be eye-catching and it should be consistent taking font, color, style, etc. into consideration. If you break the whole content into smaller paragraphs into smaller chunks, it gets easier to read. The font being used should be easy to read and big and clear enough considering average users visiting the website. The colors and style of the content also play an important role when it comes to increasing the readability factor.

4. Expertise Opinion:

Bringing your target audience to your website is just a half job done, what is an even more difficult task is to make them stay and keep them loyal. Anyone tends to trust any content put in front of them if it is presented by some expert. Due to this obvious phenomenon, Google has started giving more weightage on finding and sharing websites with content that is expert-curated or has a strong topical angle in Search Engine Results Pages. There were times when backlinking, keyword stuffing, or using short-form blog used to work but now nothing can beat getting recognized as an expert. So, it is not just about having the right keywords but also about fitting them at the right places and context of the website and becoming an expert on the topic. Brands now need to work on a specific topic and build expert content around it.

5. Overall appearance:

When it comes to marketing, outer appearance is as important as inside content. There is n number of ways to use which you can make your website attractive to users’ eyes. Use of images, gifs, maps, graphs, infographics, videos, charts, etc instead of plain text content can be one of those practices as these things give a visual upper hand and also makes it simpler to consume and remember the information that is being provided. It is observed that 38% of the users will leave a website if it doesn’t have an appealing appearance. If the content added on your website is not properly aligned, either too crowded or placed in a very messy way then it could be a huge reason for your increased bounce rate as no one wants to stay on a visually unattractive website and strive to get the information they want. Rather they will just move to another website that is making it easier for them and that’s why being on top of such minute things is very important.

It is high time when we all understand the caliber of great web design and content. It can make or break your brand. This was our take on maintaining the correspondence between the design and the content of the website. Do you have any more ways to attain it? If you do, then let us know!

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